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Winning strategies and core business decisions are key to a company’s growth. Companies do not hire executives just to come out of downturns, but also to outdo the competition. The need for top-notch executives is felt across all levels of business in most organizations. You may not be able to find the right candidate on your own, because executives are looking for opportunities, not jobs. We analyze the opportunities that the candidate is exploring, and find out if candidate is line with your company goals.
Our “deliverable” is “SUCCESS”, not just a CANDIDATE.

Whether your need is a specialized candidate for backing a startup or someone who can manage and drive revenues of a high technology firm, SanVista is the executive search firm of choice. We believe in the mantra, “Serve the client first” and we make sure that the candidates we represent believe in it too. Our existing partnerships with clients help us to retain some of the best, unique candidates who have experience in various fields and sectors.

SanVista recruiting team consists of experienced, professionals who undergo continual training to understand clients’ requirements, find, select and present you with the best possible fit for your full-time direct positions.

All our top-level candidates have the knowledge and experience in:

  • Managing change
  • Implementing best practices to meet company goals
  • Managing in culturally diverse environments
  • Channeling creativity towards growth

SanVista provide executive search services in following ways, whichever is preferred by our clients

Retained Search Services

We live the philosophy of retained search services, which means that SanVista works with a single client for a dedicated need, understanding your business vertical and your philosophy to find the right executive. Our retained search services are comprehensive and are especially suited for pursuing and evaluating top leadership candidates for the positions of CTO/COO/CFO/VPs/Directors in your organization. We understand that you need retained services for the “extra” level of depth in your search process. SanVista has vast experience in finding candidates for hard-to-fill positions when all other recruiting options have failed.

Highlights of SanVista retained search process are:

  • We can assist clients with mid to senior management levels executives
  • We completely understand the client industry vertical as well as the company itself
  • We conduct search assignments on a mutually agreed upon contract basis
  • We offer a dedicated search for each single assignment to ensure a thorough and exhaustive search process to come up with the right match
  • We offer 3-4 potential employee choices for each position to be filled
  • Using our 25+ years experience, we will also recommend the “roles” we think are necessary for your requirements
  • We offer a highly competitive guarantee policy

Confidential Search Services

Confidential search is right for your organization if you want the search process to be totally discreet. This is a very successful method to replace non-performing employees or if you want to penetrate new markets without your competition knowing about it ahead of time or sometimes when you need a shift in strategy for your business and you want to hire that “agent of change”.

A few highlights include:

  • Our confidentiality agreement is meticulously prepared and we guarantee that the privacy of the search process is never compromised
  • We never publish your confidential search process in any of the various media until the hire is finalized
  • Web 2.0 has made privacy a hard to implement entity, realizing this, we make use of the best possible technological solutions too keep your job search private and confidential