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PPC pro can be implemented for the following purpose:

  • Tea Garden and Tea Processing Industry.
  • Steel Plant.
  • Foundry and Metallurgical Plant.
  • Manufacturing Unit.
  • Process Manufacturing Unit.

A brief summary:

  • Workforce Timekeeper Module
    Web based Time keeping system .All the remote station will capture the workforce’s daily time. Time Entry allows users to easily and accurately keep track of the time that they spend on different categories or subjects. Multiple users can work simultaneously, Our Web based application works on a wide area network. With Time Entry, you can Maximize profit by increasing income and lowering expenses, gain insight into employee activities, increase productivity and save time and money. It’s the driving force to avoid wasteful payroll costs associated with errors and inflation.Consider these as real-time red flags that notify managers of information that need immediate action, like when an employee doesn’t punch in. Alerts allow managers to manage by exception and keep things from falling through the cracks. Accurate Time keeping generates by the system’s digital clock. Any manual correction times will trigger the notification. Overtime alert system and audit reports, interface with financial system.


Timekeeper will manually enter the actual working hours into MS Excel(specific template) based on employee attendance sheet and will upload the Excel file to  new application. Timekeeper will be able to upload the Excel file without internet. Management will get report from application as they needed.

Major Features:

  • Capture and Stored Workers Time IN, Time OUT, Breaks etc.
  • Generate email Alert/Notification to HQ for any Absent.
  • Interface to Financial Application for Payroll processing.
  • Consolidated Report Daily, Monthly, Yearly employee wise & unit/site wise.
  • Manual correction facility and Notification for any Data correction.
  • Report for Actual working hours, idle hours & Overtime hours.


FUTURE EHANCEMENTFinger Print Scanner based Time Clock Capture feature including clocking in/out, going on/off break, changing departments, changing cost codes, viewing hours, schedule, etc will be  another option  of the Application.

  • Production ModuleCapturing the production data on daily basis for all the plants. The supervisor will help to the operator to enter the actual data into the system shift/daily basis. Once the data has saved it will generate automated notification to the higher management.Major Features:
    • Capture and Record Daily Production Data shift-wise, display % Change with respect to previous shift.
    • To reduce the data entry and user friendly, copy previous shift data and edit the current actual data.
    • Interface with Financial Application for revenue /Customer Invoice generation.
    • Historical Data analysis report and linked to Performance metrics Modules