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Product Features :

  • System Administration
  • Managing Menus and Security Control
  • Modular Architecture
  • Centralized Legal Document Control
  • Compliance of RBI Rules and Regulations
  • Loan Approval through Workflow(email)
  • Integration with Bank and Other Financial Ins(Optional)
  • Audit System
  • Integrated Collection System
  • Web based On line system
  • Interface with Finance Application
  • MIS Reports & Legal Document
  • Easy Maintenance and Secure Data Maintenance

System Administration :

  • Define Assets
  • Define Users and User Access level
  • Define User Roles and Responsibility
  • Define Loan Type(Product)
  • Define Transaction Type
  • Define Payment Method
  • Define Customers, Supplier, Agent, Broker, Dealer/Corporate
  • Role Based User maintain and control of menus and function
  • Report Access Level

Manage and Control Menus :

  • User will have access based on their Role
  • Regular Users will have Read/Inquiry/Transactional Entry access
  • Loan Managers/Supervisors will have update/delete access
  • Branch will have access based on the role or level
  • Top-Down system access will be available for all users at any level
  • Managing menus are the part of the security feature for this Application. Example – System Administrator will have control on menus
  • Customer can view Loan History Data on line (If needed)

Customer :

  • Create & Maintain the Customer
  • Maintain Type of Customer like Individual/Joint/Corporate
  • Maintain and update Customer contact details
  • Maintain the Customer personal information
  • Maintain Bank detail, PAN & other information
  • Maintain Guarantors personal details
  • Maintain Co-borrower personal details
  • Maintain Payee personal details
  • Customer Verification Process