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Introduction :

automatic commission calculation, agent enrollment process, performance analysis for sales agent, Investment scheme records and customer record and TDS withheld from sales Agent.

With Incentive pro, the use will be able to:

  • Create money receipt to customer, agreement with customer and certificate to customer based on scheme while depositing the fund at any Branch offices.
  • Maintain records for agent, customer, scheme, Tax and commission.
  • Get to report output for Total amount collection, Variance Analysis, Rank wise performance, TDS report, Scheme wise commission and Rank wise commission.
  • Calculate the commission based on organization hierarchy and scheme.
  • Capture all details of each transaction for Financial schemes(Product)
  • Access to modify/ manual overwrite the transaction by Administrator.
  1. Measure Team Performance.
  2. Individual performance.
  3. Future Planning-Proactive Planning.
  4. Profit Metrics and Incentive metrics.
  5. Manage incentive(commission) programs.
  6. Easy Rule or Formula change by Administrator for calculation of Commission. No frequent program change required in future.
  7. Extensive Reporting like Branch/ sales Agent performance, TDS monthly/quarterly, date range/Bi-Monthly

Commission calculation setup :

This module will have all details about the commission calculation based on rank and scheme type. Administrator will have access to change or update the setup for any % change or rate change.

Formula for commission calculation = fixed rate of commission at each level or rank + Certain % for upper levels/ranks based on scheme.

If there is no agent at any rank then commission will go to next upper level rank.(Gap commission).

We will provide a screen where user can enter % of commission in each rank for each financial product(schemes).

Branch information :

This module will have all details about the branch like branch code, address, phone number, branch head, number of agent under particular branch, branch area, rent or lease ,rent amount etc.

Agent Enrollment :

This module will have all details about agent like agent name, address, date of birth, phone number, rank, branch, date of join, etc. This record will help for commission calculation and performance analysis and also TDS module.

Scheme information :

This module will have all details about scheme like scheme type, tenure, start date, end date, rate of interest, install payment option (daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly), maturity date, maturity amount, date of expiry , agreement text, certificate text, Any ref. law of Govt Of India  etc.

Tax (TDS) Information :

This module will have details about Tax based on IT rule in India. Certain percentage of tax will deducted from earnings which will be submitted to Govt. of India. Tax rate, tax type, effective date, year will be available under this module. TDS certificate template will be issued to the sales agent at the time of commission paid. Fixed rate TDS will be defined at the setup module and manual override facility also can be provided. TDS data can be feed to the financial module .

This module will have captured the individual collection at the branches where Sales Agent will deposit the Fund . Rank, agent name, scheme, date range, amount ,client information, Money receipt, certificate , agreement will be available under this module.