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Heath Shield will be an integrated, modular client server based system which can be extended to a web based solution also. The programs will have GUI as the front end and shall be menu driven. The system shall be user friendly and will have parameter based selection facility. The user shall not have to remember complex logic for operating the system.

Receptions Function
The Main Reception is the first point of contact in the Polyclinic/ Hospital for a patient. If the Patient has an appointment in the Outpatient department, then they are directed to the Outpatient reception. If they are an Inpatient then they are directed to the Admission office. Any Patient must be registered into the Registration Module.

Sample Data Input  for query at the reception :

  • Patient PIN / OPD number / Registration number and Appointment number
  • Reporting time at the Reception.
  • Entry time of patient into the Clinic.
  • Exit time of patient from the Clinic.
  • Visiting Details/Treatment Packages

These are main information entered by reception whenever patient comes. Patient information would be entered for one time when he/she comes first visit. Here the system should be so user friendly that the Receptionist shall not enter any data. They will select the patient from the “Appointment of the day list” and will just click on the boxes, provided for patient’s “Entry”, at Reception and Consultant’s Clinic and “Exit/Close”, from the Consultant’s Clinic. System shall capture the system time the moment these boxes are clicked. The moment “Exit/Close” box is clicked then system shall immediately display the next patient in the queue.

If a patient, in a clinic is in consultation with a particular Doctor/Specialist/consultant, then another patient should not be allowed for consultation with the same consultant at the same time. All the consultation history/visiting history/diagnosis history/treatment history will be stored.

Visit Number/Sequence/Episode Number Format:

If Patient Identification Number is AP3000, then the Episode numbers shall be as follows:
First sequence/case number – AP3000/1
Second sequence/case number – AP3000/2  like this.

Appointment & Reservation Function

The Appointment & Reservation function provides functionality to provide an appointment to the Consultants for Outpatient visits and to make a reservation for the rooms for both inpatient and day cases. In the Outpatient department the patient may visit for a consultation or any surgery. In the Outpatient appointments, the appointment for the patient is fixed with the Consultant but in the reservation OT Room, Anesthetist , CT Scanner/Any special Equipment and Consultant slots are reserved for the patient.

The following are the sub functions associated with this function:

Appointment (For Outpatient)
Reservation (For Inpatient)


Under Appointment, a consultant is being booked for consultation in the hospital. During their visit, the patients may be provided with the services like consultation, investigation and minor surgery/Major Surgery . So, patient is suggested to meet a good consultant. In the case of Elective surgery, the patient may directly request for an appointment with a consultant.

Appointments can be made via various sources like phone ,email ,ref. Person etc.


Each day of the week has been divided into 3 time blocks/shift as mentioned:

(This shift time can be customized as per Clinic’s administration .
8:00 am – 12:00 pm
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm
4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Each of these blocks/Shift is further divided into any sub-blocks of 15/30 minutes each. These time blocks for many Consulting Clinics are allotted to different consultants. The allocation of the time block is made at the time of reservation.

So, during the meeting with consultant, patient is provided to meet a good doctor. Consultant keeps the notes about symptom, disease etc of the patient. Consultant will be looking for a doctor, checking the doctor schedule.

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