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At SanVista we are regularly striving to innovate and provide effective solutions and keeping in line with this we are coming up with another unique application – GSM (Global Solutions Management) which is a one stop solution for all the professional and personal needs of an individual.

In today’s digital world, there are numerous applications providing numerous services and solutions. How about an application which provides solutions to all your daily queries at the click of a button without needing to switch the tabs?

GSM is the go-to application for all your needs. You need a job? GSM has got it covered. You need to manage your documents? GSM has got it covered. You need travel options for that long weekend? GSM has got it covered. You need HR services? GSM has got it covered. You need to buy a house? Yes, GSM has got that covered too.

We are building a unique application that caters to all domains and fulfil all your needs at a click of a button. We are collaborating all the different services you use daily and merging them into one giant pool of information that suggests solutions to your needs according to your location and budget and that pool is GSM.

Some of the services we will provide you on GSM are –

Business Solutions – Business Plan, Finance, Sales, Marketing, HR, Business Technology –IT, Operations, Organization and Strategy.

Professional Service Automation – Project Management, Resource Management, Project Accounting, Timesheet Management, Expense Management, Professional Services Dashboards and Reporting.

ERP – Financial Management, Supply Chain, Inventory Management, Order and Billing Management, Shipping and Fulfilment, Revenue Recognition Management, Financial Planning, Human Capital Management and Recurring Revenue Management.

CRM – Sales Force Automation, Customer Service Management, Marketing Automation, Partner Relationship Management, Mobile Applications.


People Professional Solutions – Jobs, Resumes, Train4Jobs, Gigs and Travel Management Solutions.

People Personal Solutions – Buy/Sell Services, Housing, Dating, Matrimonial, Movies, News, Nation Building, Talent Show and Events.

Special Solutions for businesses – Education, IT, Restaurants.Groceries, Real Estate, Retail Distribution, Wholesale Distribution, Professional Service and Manufacturing.

GSM is in its initial phase, and will be available to our customers in USA, Canada and India. We are bringing the world closer to you one country at a time.