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The key to competitiveness is having a strong handle on costs and satisfaction related to inventory management, the more accurate the inventory, the faster the supply and reorder, the more visibility, and better handling of returns, the more satisfied constituents. This translates to higher $$ and lower costs.

The Demand Supply Management (DSM)  software is a fully integrateable software designed to faciliate  inventory management and tracking between customers, suppliers, and factory production.  With interfaces to Financial, Supplier, and HR applications, the software provides visibility across the inventory management  supply chain.  Plus, the visbility the tool provides helps senior management with better inventory/warehouse related decision-making.

DSM Features and Function Set:

  • Intuitive, access anywhere, user friendly interface . No complex manuals are  needed for navigation
  • Standard bar code creation, printing, and flexibility to accommodate 25+ character barcodes
  • Supports multi-sale prices, document specific descriptions, and  non-stock/non-depleting codes for products and SKU’s.. Includes expiration dates for perishable goods.
  • Inventory support functionality including product storage details, automatic reorder with alerts,  on-hand and allocated stock,  serial numbering,  and real-time inventory calculation.
  • Ability to track manufacturing operations in work orders.
  • Payment tracking including partial payments for accounts payable and receivable.
  • Return Merchandising Authorization functionality for tracking and management of returns.
  • Output:  Email integration, inventory reporting, editable/customizeable templates for invoices, orders, reports, plus export of data to standard filetypes.

Software Specifications:

  • Windows or Linux compatible, multi-browser access for web-based accessibility
  • SQL or Oracle compatible
  • Role based security permissions for restrictive data access
  • Backup and restore  of inventory databases

The DSM is offered as an enterprise installed application with optional web-accessibility.  The software has extensibility to enable cost-effective barcode labeling and output for customized or standard product tracking.
Installed at multinational manufacturing companies, the software has increased efficiency and productivity enabling worldwide centralized inventory management.  Contact Sanvista Inc for a demo and more information