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SanVista Tech develops document management solutions for various platforms using the latest document imaging, scanning, indexing, data capture, workflow, and business process automation software and hardware available. Organizations in multiple industries around the world benefit from our experience, expertise, and proven approach to solution development, product integration, and professional services to:

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce creating, storing and managing paper costs by up to 95%
  • Reduce manual labor costs by up to 70%

Save Time and Boost ROI

  • Save up to 95% of time spent on data entry using with document imaging and data capture
  • Save time spent searching for the information you need

Manage Complexity

  • Get information to decision makers immediately with intelligent workflow design
  • Route information easily based on your business rules
  • Increase on demand access to documents

Leverage Existing Infrastructure

  • Integrate solutions seamlessly with existing hardware and software
  • Collect documents from any source
  • Transform documents into information and capture data
  • Convey content to users who need it


SanVista Tech provides efficient and cost effective solutions to manage your information across your Enterprise.

Document Management Lifecycle
Quickly and easily capture documents and files from email, fax servers, eForms, scanners, MFP/copiers and mobile devices.

Reduce document and data entry by sending your captured documents or files through an OCR engine. The OCR engine reads, classifies and extracts the data directly from your captured document or file, instantly making it available to your users.

OCR processes give users the ability to perform validation quickly and efficiently.

Save both time and money by automating your organization’s common business tasks through custom-designed workflow solutions.

Users can easily search for documents or files, based on key words, wildcards, date ranges or full-text.

With the click of a button, users can instantly view documents or files – increased efficiency directly affects your bottom line.

Our software solutions provide a collaborative work environment which enables users to quickly share documents and information throughout the world.

SanVista Tech reporting capabilities can provide you with virtually unlimited details about your entire document management system.

Managing your system has never been easier – all of our solutions include numerous management and security functions.