3D Modeling and 2D Detailing (Data Migration): 
 Conversion of existing handmade old drawings into soft form
 Conversion of PDF Drawing into 3D models and associative 2D drawings

Harness & Piping Design.
 Routing of wires and pipes
 Drawing

New Product Development
 Concept Design
 Validation of product
 Making Prototypes
 Seating
 Interiors and Exteriors
 Air Intake and Exhaust

CAE Offerings
 Pre-Processing and Post Processing
 Structural FEA and CFD

Reverse Engineering. 
 Point cloud data generation
 Creating of surface model from given point cloud data
 Creation of 2D model and 2D drawing from surface models

Value Engineering Offerings
 VE study proposals
 Bench marking study
 Reverse Engineering with low product cost approach
 Material substitution
 Complete redesign of features
 LCC Vendor development
 Mfg. Process Optimization
 Quality / Warranty

Stack Up Analysis for Assemblies