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Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence


Sanvista helps companies with an easy interpretation of big data, provides actionable information to end users and supports them in order to make more informed business decisions. Identifying new opportunities and implementing them on an effective strategy based on insights can provide businesses with a competitive market advantage and long-term stability.


Sanvista helps Build flexible, scalable and reliable single source of truth in your organization that delivers standardized and intuitively modeled data for analysis purposes. Data Warehousing, on the other hand, acts a central storehouse where an enterprise can store its date from one or even more sources, in one place. Therefore, it is considered as center component of Business Intelligence. DWs are central repositories of integrated data from one or more disparate sources.

Sanvista’s DW/BI solution does exactly the same and helps in enhancing the productivity and efficiency for a specific department of an organization or for an organization as a whole.

SanVista provides you with the following services:

  • End-to-end DW/BI solutions
  • Maintenance & Support
  • Consulting