1234 North Avenue Luke Lane
South Bend, IN 360001


Our Story

With more than 14 years industry experience providing IT solutions and services to organizations large and small across verticals, the management team brings both a wealth of market expansion capability and technological understanding. SanVista’s team brings evaluative experience to not only organizational needs but also to potential partners. The company excels at building, integrating, and recommending solutions and providing support around data management. The ability to “synchronize resources” across the organization enables greater productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Transcending traditional vanilla business intelligence, SanVista focuses on practical, non-complicated solutions that create actionable results.

Mission & Value

  • Our focus is on achieving business results for our clients by optimising their processes, IT and operating model.
  • We provide consulting services to our clients enabled by management and technology capabilities.
  • We help our clients realise their goals by applying our deep industry and functional expertise to understand and address their specific needs.
  • Our consultants are passionate and highly engaged with a pragmatic yet innovative mindset.


Our Culture

  • Everything we do is Passion driven
  • We live by our values.
  • Commitment to our clients and our people.
  • Excellence in all our work.
  • Teaming to achieve greater results.
  • We strive to develop our people.


Our Distinction

  • We help clients make transformation real by delivering measurable and sustainable results:
  • We listen, understand and adapt to our clients’ needs
  • We help our clients implement strategies through operational focus
  • We combine management and technology capabilities to achieve the full value potential

Why Choose SanVista?
SanVista has successfully served a multitude of clients nationwide. Our client base is comprised of companies from a broad spectrum of industries.

These industries include information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, consumer products, bottling & distribution, banking, energy, engineering, financial, and oil & gas.

Understanding our clients’ needs and meeting their expectations allows us to continually improve upon our capabilities and embark upon new opportunities for our company’s success. Our experience, proficiency, quality initiatives, and technological know-how allow us to provide clients with well-qualified and motivated staffing resources that meet all of their staffing needs.

The wealth of Experience and Success

The experience that we have accumulated in the staffing industry has allowed us to become a successful, significant partner to major Fortune 500 companies nationwide. We have Preferred National Vendors to major corporations in the information technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and food & beverage industries.

In-Depth Understanding of Client Requirements

The ability to understand our clients’ staffing requirements is achieved through our Documented Work Instructions, which serve as a training tool for SanVista personnel. The Work Instructions are presented online in an easy-to-understand format. They outline our client’s core processes and requirements to ensure that we conform to our client’s workplace procedures. This enables us to produce the right results for our clients while achieving our high-quality standards.